Ji Guan Precision Surface Grinding Machine

Ji Guan Precision Surface Grinding Machine
Using hightest casting iron. plus with design of best structure (especially celluar structure of the column) and through stress elimination to ensure the rigidity and stabilize the accuracy.
”M” Series-Using “AA”grade steel balls for guide way to make operation easier and more labor-saving.
Above “3060” Series-Using “Turcite B” to tack up slide tracks at cross and longitudinal slide going with hydraulic drive, making it work. more steadfast and smooth.
Using P4 pricision angular contact bearing for spindle, it making the round-out within 2u meanwhile we using cartrge design, completely sealed and lubricated. effectivety on high durability and accuracy.
Except for “M” . “H” series, all types may install NC downfeed develloped by our own company, which will add more convinence of grinder operation.
3060AH & 4080AH vertical movement with rapid up / down, are standard function.